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Are you a travel professional looking for a new way to take charge of your future? Do you want the support of a globally recognized brand to help you thrive?

Travelink, American Express Travel offers global purchasing power with the most respected cruise and vacation package suppliers in the travel industry and a voice for your customers with their executives on behalf of your clients, as well as a complete support system to help passionate travel professionals run their own businesses. 

American Express is the oldest and largest purchaser of travel goods and services in the world, carrying the message of security and stability customers appreciate when they find themselves in unfamiliar places across the globe.

Choosing Travelink, American Express Travel as your host agency gives you:
  • Access to the highly respected American Express brand and their network of financially vetted travel vendors
  • Competitive tiered commission structure to support growth in your business
  • Full marketing support, CRM, and booking tools to ensure communication with all your clients is easy, consistent, and relevant with offers from preferred suppliers based on customer demographics and purchase history.
  • Boutique agency feel with big agency clout; why be just another number in a giant agency's "cast of thousands" when you can join our family and receive the same kind of personalized service you provide to your clients.

Why Travelink? 

  • Our American Express Travel affiliation provides ample lead generation opportunities and exclusive perks, including: 
    • AMEX Travel Insiders
    • AMEX Card Member Travel Benefits
    • AMEX Negotiated preferred partner rates for cruise & tour
    • Membership Rewards® Pay With Points
    • See all exclusive programs here
  • We are part of the exclusive, by invitation only Marriott STARS & Luminous program offering special amenities and personalized handling by their luxury hotel GM's world wide.
  • We are consistently an American Express Representative Excellence annual award winner, for the past 21 years and counting.
  • While we are an American Express agency, we maintain the benefits of a boutique business offering high-touch, client-focused service environment.

Why Now? 

  • Despite a challenging 2020, experts indicate 2021 may be a banner year for travel worldwide, so the future is very bright for the travel industry. 
  • Everyone is undergoing a painful change right now, but because changing takes thoughtful reflection, it is the best time to evaluate your host agency partnership and consider if a move is right for you and your customers.
  • Consider the contract requirements with your current host and let us know what you feel you are missing with them to have real conversations about why our partnership in your business may be the right one.
  • Our network of global travel partners are more than ready to bring travelers back in 2021, so you'll have a wealth of promotions and perks to help you WOW your clients.

Access Key Benefits Across our Program Tiers

Travelink IA Levels 11.20

Travelink Independent Advisor Comparison 11.20

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If you don't quite fit into one of the four tiers above, no worries. We are interested in bringing talented, passionate travel advisors into our team who have special niche they are looking to grow. Have you found success with one specific supplier or type of travel and need help growing that focus? We invite you to fill out the form below and tell us your story!

(Note: We are not currently adding new-to-the-industry trainees at this time)


AMEX Forum 2019 Travelink Winner

American Express Rated #1 by JD Power and Associates

Travelink’s partnership with American Express over the last two decades has garnered numerous awards such as American Express Travel Agency of the Year in 2011 and 2016, the Representative Excellence Award every year since we became a part of the American Express network, and inclusion on Travel Weekly's Power list for six consecutive years from 2011-2019, which profiles agencies whose sales exceed $100M.

We are also an award-winning agency with our preferred partners and earn awards annually with prestigious travel supplier companies. Recognition in a complex industry provides our Independent Advisors with respect inside their own customer base.

We are always searching for talented, service-driven professionals who are passionate about travel and want to be a part of an organization whose integrity and reputation will provide instant credibility.

Contact us today to explore the partnership possibilities!

What are our Independent Advisors Saying About Working with Travelink?

"I love being an independent agent with Travelink – they have been totally supportive of me for 26 years and we have grown to be like a family. Being an independent agent offers me flexibility to make my own decisions and control my own future. I can’t imagine working any other way!" ~ Allyson E.

"After 27 years of owning my agency, and spending 10 years working alone as a home based agent, I affiliated with Travelink, American Express Travel. Throughout my travel career I have been passionate about offering my customers the best opportunities in the travel marketplace. To continue this philosophy I joined with Travelink, American Express Travel in 2011. The wide variety of excellent quality suppliers and strong air contracts allows me to function at a higher level than working on my own. That means, I earn more and have tremendous support. We all like to be associated with the best. I feel I have that through my affiliation with Travelink, a true leader in the industry.~ Mike Greenwald, President of Personalized Travel and South Florida Chapter of American Society of Travel Agents

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I earn commissions?
Commissions on travel sales are paid to the independent travel advisor for bookings of airline tickets, cruises, hotels, car rentals, vacation and tour packages, travel insurance, and more, with almost all suppliers worldwide, to nearly every destination in the world. You can book most travel conveniently through our booking tools and online systems. You also have the flexibility to call suppliers directly, book on suppliers’ travel advisor-only websites, and utilize most other available methods subject to Travelink guidelines and instructions. When you join us, we will provide you with in-depth tutorials and simple instructions for selling travel and earning commissions with our tools.

Q: How much commission will I earn and when is it paid?
You will be paid a percentage of the net commissions paid to Travelink for your bookings based on your Independent Advisor program tier. (Subject to the complete Terms & Conditions of your Independent Advisor Agreement.)

Q: What education resources are available through Travelink?
Travelink provides access to many online courses via the American Express extranet, along with respected industry organizations and other training resources (most of which are complimentary). In addition, our Vacation Management Team is available to assist, if you have specific needs.

Q: How and where do I get customers?
While we may filter new leads to you as an Independent Advisor, we want to ensure you are comfortable finding and connecting with potential clients yourself.  Most advisors begin by selling to their friends and family, and build out from there to neighbors, co-workers, clubs and organizations, and other community members. Our CRM tools will help you stay connected and help manage your customer database.

Q: What are FAM trips and are they available to me?
A FAM (familiarization) trip is usually sponsored by a particular supplier for the purpose of advisor education. A FAM trip allows you to tour popular resorts and visit destinations at some of the lowest prices available. These trips often help our advisors increase their sales because after they have personally experienced a particular resort, cruise, or destination and are able to share firsthand experience with their clients. Because of our strong relationships with American Express Preferred Suppliers, we are able offer FAM opportunities to our independent advisors on Centurion and Business Platinum tiers.

Q: Can I get discounts on my own travel?

As a travel advisor with Travelink, American Express Travel, you will have access to information that is not available to the general public. If you are flexible on your dates and destinations, you can travel at very affordable rates. These savings are generally associated with FAM trips and are made available to advisors for the purpose of learning and networking. In order to receive some discounts and participate in certain FAMs, you need to have either a CLIA or IATAN identification card, which you can obtain through our program. 

While discounted travel is one of the many perks of being a travel advisor, Travelink, American Express Travel does not permit individuals to participate in our program solely for the purpose of obtaining discounts on personal travel and must maintain a quality book of business.

Q: Are there any additional costs that I will incur other than my yearly affiliation fee and monthly administration fee?
We have a low monthly administration fee and your annual affiliation fee, but then there are no other costs to join our agency. Additionally, all of our online training and education is included in our program at no additional cost. Certain items like business cards, internet access, and long distance telephone charges are your responsibility and we do offer supplemental services that are entirely optional, should you elect to subscribe to them for an additional fee. 

Q: Is Travelink, American Express Travel a member of any professional organizations?

Absolutely! We are proud members of the following associations and networks:

  • IATAN – The International Airlines Travel Agent Network
  • CLIA – Cruise Lines International Association
  • ARC – Airlines Reporting Corporation
  • ASTA – American Society of Travel Advisors
  • IGLTA - International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association
  • Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency

In addition, due to our advisors' high levels of performance, we are proud members of several exclusive supplier lists: 

  • Viking Cruises Platinum Circle
  • Marriott International Stars & Luminous
  • Abercrombie & Kent Preferred Partner 100 Club
  • Travel & Leisure A-List
  • The Red Carnation Hotel Collection