Specialties: Guided Vacations, Ocean Cruises, River Cruises, Honeymoons, Weddings, Family/Multi-Generational

Favorite Destinations: Amsterdam & Budapest

Favorite Quote: "Live life to the fullest or go away empty..."

Fun Fact: I love to bake and travel.

I am a very out going person that never meets a stranger. I am always smiling, laughing, and carrying on. I tend to be the clown in the group and love to make you laugh if possible. I am Native American Indian from Robeson County, NC. I relocated to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area in 2000 where I met my husband, David Currin of 22 years and made this our home. We have 1 Chihuahua, 3 Frenchie's, and 2 cats our fur babies. Love our pets!

As a child, I was always fascinated by National Geographic magazines and all the pictures of places I never thought existed much less visit. Well that all changed in August 2003. I started in travel industry as a front desk clerk with Travelink based out of Nashville, TN, and worked my way up to Leisure Travel Agent where I am today. Travelink has given me the opportunity to travel and explore from domestic to international and exotic destinations with rich human history and places to explore. I love sharing my passion for what I do, that is Travel.

Favorite Travel Experiences

  • Stopping over in the Black Forest at the Cuckoo Clock Factory and getting my first ever Cuckoo Clock.
  • Cruising up the Rhine River and seeing the small villages along the way.
  • Taking the cogwheel train up the side of Mt. Pilateus which is approx. 7,000 ft above sea level in the Swiss Alps.
  • Touring the Gassan Diamond Factory in Amsterdam and seeing how the worlds jewels are made.
  • Going on a river cruise up the Danube River and stopping in several small cities and experiencing my ever first Christmas Markets.


  • Lifestyle Specialist
  • Holland America Line Certified
  • Certified Sandals Specialist
  • Travelink Best of the Best 2015

Most Unusual or Intriguing Request I've Fulfilled for a Customer

Client Testimonials

You are the ‘best’ travel agent Tommie!! You are a travel agent that companies want to work with. You are professional in every aspect of the word. To top it off, your cheerfulness & friendliness make speaking with you such a pleasure and every time I speak with you I ‘know’ you are smiling. That’s what you want the person you’re speaking to, to sense. It comes across clearly. Keep up the good work my friend!!

Dianne — 

Last month I called Amex Employee Vacation Programs and got Tommie. Tommie was extremely enthusiastic and professional. He listened to what I wanted and understood what I was looking for. The hotel that I was interested in was not in your system and Tommie went through a lot of efforts to get the booking I wanted. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and ended up booking exactly what I wanted. Tommie gave me the type of customer service that I expect from American Express. I would like to recognize Tommy for efforts and let you know that he did an outstanding job.

Donna — Trip to Austin, TX

I rarely do this - but I had such a great experience with Tommie recently that I wanted to send you a note. Tommie was competent, helpful, fast, and focused on helping me solve the problem / get the booking I needed. This is so rare in today's world (a person focused on solving a customer problem rather than just going through the motions / doing only the most basic things...) that it shocked me. In a good way. Usually when I try to book flights or change car rentals or manage my bank account, I get explained the policy again and again. And therefore why what I need to achieve as an outcome isn't possible. It can be frustrating and I am sure you have experienced this. I also know that the policies are real and the person telling me the policy is just the messenger - so no point in getting frustrated with the messenger. Tommie approached our call totally differently - "What are you trying to get done today?" I had a situation - I had previously booked a car under my wife's name and then we made a decision to have me pick up the car. So needed to change to my name. Tommie (a) immediately understood what I wanted to do and (b) said "I can do this and that - let me get that done and then call you back." He then called back and we looked at the invoice and voila it was done. SO REFRESHING. No really - refreshing. Just wanted to pass along my positive experience. Thanks so much.

John — 

Tommie talked me off the edge of a cliff when I was just about to jump. The outgoing flight for my vacation was transformed into a Greek tragedy hat just sent me sideways. Tommie responded to my frantic phone message for help and immediately reached out to assure me the issue was indeed unusual, but emphasized it was easily resolved.Tommie’s empathy for my dilemma, and to use a Bostonian reference, wicked awesome skills, made short work of correcting the circumstance to my complete satisfaction.His passion for his work is truly evident in every way. By the way, his description of your office and the community where you’re located makes me want to immediately move there and work with you! What a joy to work with people that have such a passion for their career and in such a wonderful environment in and out of the office.

Best Regards,

Karla Y. — 

I totally forgot about Employee Vacation Programs and I was actually on the evaluation team! Your service has been impeccable and we appreciate everything you have done for us.

Kat — Trip to Italy

This morning, I called with a pretty complicated multi segment trip for one of our Executives. Tommie was INCREDIBLE!!! Not only was he friendly to talk with, but he seemed very knowledgeable about everything he was doing and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was happy. His customer service skills are beyond exceptional!! Thanks Tommie!

Pam — 

I have to tell you that I am already a loyal customer of yours. I make this choice based entirely on the efforts of one of your employees – Tommie Chavis, who is at your Southern Village branch in Chapel Hill, NC. First of all, Tommie has a wonderful, warm personality. This is complimented by the speed at which he works, not to mention the attention to detail and consistency of accuracy that I have come to know I can count on. Tommie has a code of professionalism that he never fails to adhere to. He is a caring, diligent person who makes your agency the only one I prefer to use. Thank you for choosing such a wonderful person for me to use as my contact for the our travel needs!

Pam —