Event Marketing Services

  Marketing and Communication

When planning the marketing activities to assist our clients with event awareness, we will employ direct and digital channels to reach the target audience for the planned event. The best place to start is the existing membership list and any database containing previous conference attendees. We will direct communications to past attendees and invite them to join the next conference via print mail piece and/or email, as the contact information provides.

In addition, if our clients request additional marketing services to get the word out to other industry professionals who may not have attended the event in the past, we will work with a registration microsite as the hub for digital communications and ensure it is built for ease in search engine key word optimization. To help drive traffic, we would suggest connecting with industry groups within LinkedIn, Facebook, and working with key organizational partners to market to their employee bases as well.
Meeting Collateral
Our marketing efforts will support the brand of your organization, ensuring all meeting collateral and creative support aligns well with your brand guidelines. We work very closely with a professional designer to create appropriate copy-ready marketing materials (ie. brochure, flyer, registration materials, etc.) to support the promotion of your meeting/event.
As part of our overall event plan, we will work with you to determine what each attendee is required to have as they participate in the conference. The packets may include registration summaries, statements, CEU forms, etc. We work closely with your conference committee to determine giveaway items you would like to provide. These may be conference bags or event water bottles. We assist in the decision of items, as well as the purchasing and shipment of these items to your conference.
  • Marketing Materials
  • Attendee Materials
  • Giveaways