Submitted by Partners

I have had the pleasure of working as Travelink’s Marriott National Sales Representative for over four years now and I consider this team to be one of the best in the industry.  Their attention to detail and commitment to their clients is like no other.  The services they provide to their group customers have a much richer and meaningful reach than just the annual meeting or conference they have been hired to handle on their behalf.  They consistently partner with their clients as an advocate, consultant, and advisor to insure the best outcome for that particular organization.  Although Travelink works with many different types of meetings, I have worked more closely with them on the association segment and they do an incredible job of staying current on industry trends and what matters most to the organizations they represent.

We are looking forward to a continued partnership with Travelink and their clients in the future!
- Karla Cloninger, Marriott
Working in Cvent’s Partnerships division, we have a specific focus on building relationships with meeting and travel management companies like Travelink.  They already had a well-established travel department for both corporate and leisure services, but we saw a great opportunity to work with their meeting and group’s team, and grow our businesses together.  As with any partnership, one hopes to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship, and I think that is exactly what we have accomplished in what we have built and continue to build on with the Travelink team.  It is a relationship where expectations of growth have been exceeded, and one that I feel confident will only continue to grow as years pass.
While we work with a number of travel management companies, it has been a pleasure working alongside the Travelink team and feel they bring a certain ‘outside of the box’ approach to the services they provide their clients, but also to how they have enveloped the Cvent software into their business processes.  Always pushing our solution to its limits, their team is extremely creative at finding solutions to any challenge, and has always found a way to overcome any obstacles we would otherwise have seen as a roadblock.  They may not have the numbers that some larger companies will tout, but are nimble and quick-thinking, and am confident they will always exceed the expectations of their clients.  In turn, I would be more than happy to recommend Travelink to organizations with travel and/or groups and meetings management needs, and look forward to continued growth between our organizations.
- Louis Ford, Cvent
Has Travelink made your life easier? How?
Travelink has made my life easier in many ways. First, they provided SSWR with a friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated staff to plan and facilitate the meeting. Next, they made the planning process streamlined with one-stop shopping in regard to meeting planning. Patricia Couch was my planner and she could answer all of my questions. I never had to go someone else about F&B or a different contact to handle the VIP rooms, she was my person. Finally, they operate on-site with a familiarity of the property, the city, and the staff. Overall it was a cohesive team operating under the one goal of conducting a successful conference.
What do you like about the experience of working with Travelink?
The Travelink staff has been one of the most outstanding staff to work with and I have been in the hotel business for 22 years. Their attentiveness to every detail, their professionalism, and charismatic way of doing business is refreshing and delightful.
What do you find remarkable about Travelink?
Travelink knows the business and what it takes to make a conference successful. They are team players and they don’t play games. They are honest, straightforward, and always looking out the best interest for all parties involved.
What is the most important thing people should know about Travelink?
The most important thing that people should know about Travelink is that they have integrity, they know what they are doing, and they are very loyal. Plus, the staff is great to get along with.
What is the single most important benefit that SSWR has gotten from working with Travelink?
There are multiple things that SSWR benefitted from with working from Travelink however if I had to narrow it down to one, then I would say it was partnership. Travelink knew the wants and needs of SSWR as a customer and made it work with the hotel. It was a win-win-win partnership all around.
Would you recommend Travelink to your colleagues or other organizations? Why?
I would recommend Travelink to anyone that needs to plan a meeting, colleagues, other organizations, (enemies – smile). They are a premier meeting planning company that works well with clients and hotels.
What part of your experience with Travelink make you want to do business with us again?
All of my Travelink experience makes me want to do business with them. They are part of the Hyatt family and I would welcome them at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel anytime.
- Janet Whitehead, Hyatt