Submitted by Clients

Society of Personality Assessment (SPA)

The Society for Personality Assessment has been reaping the benefits of having Travelink as their meeting management partner and specialist for more than 20 years. As a non-profit scientific membership association, the bottom line is always a consideration. So, the meeting management piece of planning an Annual Meeting that is attractive yet affordable to the participants, and stays within the budget parameters of the Society, falls to Travelink. Their expertise never fails to produce:
  • A quality upscale hotel in the city of our choice at a room rate that is affordable to meeting attendees 
  • Top-notch, yet affordable, audio-visual support for the meeting
  • Expertise that helps plan all food and beverage needs during the meeting
  • Efficient, experienced, friendly on-site staff to communicate and coordinate with the hotel in every aspect of our meeting
Travelink and their staff is a vital part (and bright spot) of our Annual Meeting, and we would trust no one else with our meeting management needs.
- Paula Garber, Administrative Director, Society of Personality Assessment (SPA)
Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR)
The Society for Social Work and Research is extremely fortunate to have Travelink on our team to help us plan, organize and run our conferences. Their knowledge of conference planning and execution and their professional approach to tasks, coupled with the individualized attention they provide, help to ensure the SSWR puts on the best organized and run conference in the social work profession.
  • Over many years, Travelink has provided superb consultation and suggestions about how to maximize our conference earnings while delivering the highest quality product to our conference participants. 
  • Their staff is always available to us, ensuring that both long-term planning decisions and immediate troubleshooting issues are addressed in expeditious ways. I would highly recommend Travelink to any organization in need of high quality conference planning services.
 - William Meezan, Treasurer, Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR)
World Federation, a United Nation’s NGO Representative
In my capacity as the World President one of the World Federation, a United Nation’s NGO Representatives, I had the privilege to work with Travelink these past 5 years because of the nature of our organization and its international membership.  As such, our World Assembly is held once in every quinquennium in a different continent/country each time, usually according to the venue of our fellow organization, the WMC.  Searching for the most appropriate venue in a place not known by the World Officers is far from easy.
  • The services and expertise of Travelink proved invaluable in helping me and my team to meet the criteria as closely as possible. This is a very skilled task, one of the hardest things to do. Thanks to Travelink who came to the rescue.
From ocular visit to the country and tedious hotel hopping within the city and neighboring cities, Travelink was at our side, if not, up front.
Their expertise in negotiating with hotel personnel to get the reasonable, if not, cheapest price stood out.
  • They helped us to think of things that would be needed in a way we could not think of for ourselves. 
They were experts in haggling with free costs and amenities which boiled down to the organizers’ benefit. This is not a task for amateurs and is very time consuming. All these could not have been possibly done by me/us who are strangers to the country venue.
It was a joy working with Travelink because of their quality and unique services. Bill discussed with us what we like, what we found out, the pros and cons of each hotel, and a lot more. Top businessmen like him are rare.
  • I am blessed having worked with Travelink.
- Chita Rebollido-Millan, President Emerita, World Federation, a United Nation’s NGO Representative