Our Team


William HaireWilliam D. Haire, Managing Partner of Travelink, American Express Travel. Company founder and involved in the meeting arena for 28 years. Read more...



Ed Seabough, Senior Vice President, Group Division at Travelink, American Express Travel, has over 38 years in group travel. He specializes in choirs, orchestras, student study abroad programs, and faith-based Travel.

Contact Ed: ed.seabough@travelink.com

 Anne Betts, Group Operations Manager at Travelink, American Express Travel. She has been managing group travel for 30+ years.

Contact Anne: anne.betts@travelink.com


Lindsay BuchananLindsay Buchanan, Group Manager at Travelink, American Express Travel. Registration site programmer for various associations for the past six years, and is the on-staff recruiter, utilizing various forms of technology and social media.

Contact Lindsay: lindsay.buchanan@travelink.com
Patty Couch, Group Manager at Travelink, American Express Travel. Group Manager with various associations for 13 years. 

Contact Patty: patty.couch@travelink.com 


Barbara LongBarbara Long, Accounting


Sandy Schadler Vice President of Marketing