Account Management

The Account Manager will lead and oversee your team and will be responsible for the strategic direction and overall success of your travel program. From the outset, your Account Manager will design and implement a business plan that reflects your short- and long-term business objectives and serves as the cornerstone of your business travel program. It is against this plan that we will benchmark program performance. Likewise, leveraging the industry’s largest corporate travel data repository within American Express we will benchmark your travel spend against like companies in an effort to identify best practices and additional opportunities for savings. 

Management Reporting 

Customized management reports are designed by and for your company for any time period requested. Our IBANK product allows access to management reports via a secure internet site 24/7.  The iBank tool is a cloud based data management platform that consolidates travel information in order to provide a clear, concise and comprehensive view of an agency or corporation’s travel spend. iBank captures travel data from a variety of sources, including all major GDS and back-office systems. The data is standardized, consolidated and warehoused in Cornerstone's Safe Harbor Certified and European Union Compliant facilities. Secure internet access is provided to the customer so they can view travel spend, measure preferred supplier usage, track travel behavior, monitor policy adherence and improve profitability.

Emergency After-Hours Service - 24 / 7 / 365

Travelers are ensured high quality, consistent responses while en route, or for last-minute developments outside normal business hours. Travelink provides emergency assistance every day of the year, everywhere in the world.

Policy Management

To achieve adherence to travel policy and procedures, we work with you to develop a confidential company profile. Client information is accessible only by personnel involved with servicing your travelers. These profiles are referenced to verify compliance to your travel policy. Your profile may include: 
  • Persons authorized to request transportation
  • Persons authorized to travel
  • Travel authorization procedures
  • Levels of services approved for travelers (class of service, car size, etc.)
  • Airline contract information
  • Car rental agreements (authorized suppliers, car type allowed, ID numbers, etc.)

Quality Control

The Cornerstone Information System provides quality control of all aspects specific to your company's travel including: 
  • Negotiated rates for airline, hotel and car.
  • Low fare availability
  • Unused ticket management
  • Preferred seat/Frequent Flyer upgrades
  • Waitlist clearance

Multi-Lingual Service

Our travel advisors are able to assist travelers in the following foreign languages:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog

Dedicated phone lines are available for Japanese and Spanish assistance.