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With 15 years in the travel industry and Japanese as my first language, I can assist travelers in all things related to Japan. To experience rich history and unique tradition infused with a vibrant pop culture, look no further than Japan. Having lived there for over 10 years, I experienced all facets of Japanese life first hand. I can help you navigate the public transport system in a way that puts even the natives to shame. If you like to go where the locals go, I'll direct you to the best markets, off the beaten path eateries, and the most interesting spots for people watching. I've got the inside scoop on getting cash: many ATMs don't take foreign cards or are only open select hours. I'll help you get the best exchange rate and make sure you don't get caught unprepared. History buffs with a love of architecture will be amazed at the open-air museum in Inuyama, where over 60 buildings spanning 100 years of history have been moved and reconstructed. Epicureans will enjoy hunting for the tastiest version of ramen in a veritable "ramen theme park" in Tokyo. For a genuine insider's view of Japan, contact me today.

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"Something to remember, Japan is not a place for plastic. It is a cash oriented society, many stores and restaurants do not accept credit cards".  

"As a first time traveler to Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto are must-sees. Tokyo is modern part of Japan and Kyoto is the historical part of Japan". 



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