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TRAVELINK, an AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL REPRESENTATIVE is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company operates nationally with a combination of boutique business call centers, vacation travel retail locations, and a national network of experienced virtual travel advisors. Travelink’s client base includes a range of Fortune 500 Companies, small to mid-market organizations, as well as the entertainment industry, sports teams, groups, and religious & non-profit organizations. The company is an exclusive provider of consumer travel services for American Express Gold Card Members. Travelink leverages the American Express brand and buying power to offer the best value and customer experience.

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404 BNA Drive Nashville TN Office Locations 


Corporate Headquarters
Business, Meetings Divisions,
Executive, & Accounting Office
404 BNA Drive, Suite 650
Nashville, TN 37217
Tel: 615-367-4900 or 800-821-4671
Fax: 615-367-0012
Nashville Vacation Travel
Vacation Travel Headquarters
404 BNA Drive, Suite 650
Nashville, TN 37217
Tel: 615-292-3588 or 888-224-4101
Fax: 615-367-0012
Employee Vacation Programs Headquarters (EVP)
404 BNA Drive, Suite 651
Nashville, TN 37217
Tel: 800-851-8233
Fax: 615-367-0012

North Carolina 

Chapel Hill Business and Vacation Travel
Southern Village Business Center
410 Market St, Suite 342
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Tel: 919-942-4196 or 800-635-0361
Fax: 919-967-1056
Greensboro Business and Vacation Travel
500 East Cornwallis, Suite M
Greensboro, NC 27405
Tel: 336-272-9943 or 800-406-9943
Fax: 336-272-3560